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What is an alignment? An alignment is the process of balancing a wheel's Camber, Caster, and Toe to ensure true handling and even tire wear. For more information see TireRack's article here.

Correct four wheel alignment is essential to proper vehicle handling, safety, and drivability. Not to mention the adverse effects that improper alignment can have on your cars tire life!

MAXRPM's state-of-the-art Hunter alignment system allows us to fine tune your cars alignment to your preferred specification. For most vehicles, factory alignment specifications are the best option. However, once a vehicle has been modified, it is sometimes better to align the wheels to a modified specification to best suit the vehicle's level of modification and intended use. For cars with aftermarket or modified factory ride height control (coilovers, air suspension, etc.) we have the ability to monitor ride height at all four corners and make adjustments accordingly.

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